Nigel Walsh

Church musician and composer

Requiem (2018)

Written for the Exeter Chamber Choir and scored for double choir with soloists, piano, organ and timpani, this work received its first performance to a standing ovation in St David’s Church, Exeter (UK) in October 2018.

You can listen to parts of the work by clicking on the links below:

  1. Requiem and Kyrie
  2. To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul*
  3. The bright field**
  4. Pie Jesu***
  5. “Hope” is the thing with feathers
  6. In my Father’s house
  7. Sanctus and Benedictus
  8. Agnus Dei and Lux Aeterna

* version sung by the choir of St David’s Church, Exeter

** recording not available for text copyright reasons

*** version sung by the Langford Singers